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Strategic Natural Resource Consultants


Strategic Natural Resource Consultants was established in 2003 and has since become a highly regarded natural resource consulting firm on the West Coast. With offices in Port McNeill, Campbell River, Port Alberni and Nanaimo, SNRC’s focus is in resource and land management, professional forestry, construction support services, environmental sciences, geomatics & GIS, and remote site project development.
Some notable utility developments that they have worked on include the Toba-Montrose Hydroelectric project, Kokish River hydroelectric project, Cape Scott Wind Farm, BC Hydro’s Interior to Lower Mainland (ILM) transmission line project, as well as numerous other BC Hydro projects. SNRC is excited to be part of the John Hart project team, right here in their backyard.

What you may not know about them:

Strategic has recently launched its own drone, the multi-sensor Sassin X1. This unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is capable of obtaining high-resolution digital photography, 3-dimensional surface models, thermal and near infrared imaging, orthomosaic imagery, full HD 1080p video and more.
The Sassin X1 is completely customizable and can be configured to suit a variety of applications. SNRC’s certified pilots operate within all Transport Canada regulations to ensure that the X1’s industry leading sensor array will capture the information their clients need safely, accurately and quickly.

Project role:

Clearing Plan Development: Desktop analysis, field reconnaissance and clearing plan development. Compliance to the Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP), Environmental Work Plan (EWP) and specific Environmental Protection Plans (EPP).
Timber Evaluation and Cruising: Determination of species distribution, timber volume and grade.
Danger Tree Assessment and Identification: Identification and management prescriptions associated with DangerTrees immediately adjacent to clearing areas. Special management prescriptions associated with danger trees located in the Elk Falls Provincial Park.
Vegetation Inventory and Monitoring: Through Hatfield Consulting. Transect establishment for the location and identification of invasive species within the John Hart project construction site.

People working on the project:

Eight SNRC staff have participated on the John Hart project, led by their Environmental Department. Services include professional foresters, professional biologists, geomatics (survey and mapping), certified arborists and accredited timber evaluators.