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FMI Installations


FMI Installations is a Nanaimo-based electrical company specializing in large, complex projects including many for BC Hydro – including the Ladore and Strathcona Dam’s Spillway Gates Refurbishment.
What you may not know about us:
Long-time Campbell River resident Roy Carter is leading FMI in its involvement in the John Hart project for the first phase. Roy has been involved with FMI since 2008 estimating and helping manage over eight BC Hydro subcontractor projects.

Project role:

FMI and the K’ómoks First Nation have entered into a joint venture called K’omoks FMI Electrical Services JV for this project and is currently completing the electrical services for the construction power phase. FMI is also supporting Frontier-Kemper with electrical work they require in preparation of the surface blasting and underground tunneling.

People working:

Currently there are 14 electricians working on the construction power phase of work, which started in May. Future electrical work has not yet been awarded, but it is estimated 30-40 electricians will be needed by summer 2016.


“There are a lot of experienced, hard-working people on Vancouver Island and being able to use that skill on a large project close to home is the positive part of working in Campbell River.
It’s pretty cool to be doing a project this size at home and on behalf of FMI. It’s a billion-dollar project for BC Hydro and it’s exciting to be a part of it. You don’t get to do this kind of work every day.” – Roy Carter, FMI Installations.