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Here you can access hiring practice documents for the registered projects and contact information useful in the pursuit of a job, sub contract, or supply contract. The source documents are found in this page's attachments.

John Hart Generating Station Project

InPower BC has provided two hiring practice documents; Hiring Process Overview – individuals and a similar document tailored for subcontractors and suppliers . Both can be access from the attachments at the foot of this page.

The following exerts are taken from those document. Please download and/or read the appropriate document as it contains a wealth of contact information for individual job seekers, including contacts for all the unions involved. This information is replicated on the pages shown in the left hand menu.

Staffing requirements:

Staffing requirements will grow from the summer of 2014 over the lifespan of the five-year construction period and are expected to peak in 2016 with 350 workers on site.

How individual hiring is being handled on this project:

Hiring for the project is being handled by Subcontractors. The Subcontractors for Civil works is a joint venture that is made up of Aecon and SNC-Lavalin (ASL-JV), not all Sub Contractors have been selected. To make the hiring process easy and fair, ASL-JV is working with local, regional and international unions and SNC-Lavalin have signed union agreements with each. These agreements outline how trades will be hired. Hiring will follow a “union hall” model.

Union Agreements are in place to:

  • Simplify the hiring process
  • Give unions the responsibility of finding and supplying qualified recruits for the project
  • Offer competitive and fair wages across the board
  • Provide local workers with local work opportunities on the project
  • Provide fair access to work for women, First Nations, and other workers
  • Ensure that the contractor is able to hire the best worker for the job

The role of local employment agencies

Local employment training programs such as those offered by NVIATS and NIEFS. They are engaged on this project and are assisting in directing potential workers to the correct hiring procedure.


Summer/Fall 2015 – ongoing

  • Civil trades
  • Carpentry
  • Concrete Labourers

Spring 2016 – Spring 2018

  • Civil trades
  • Electrical trades
  • Mechanical trades
  • Office and Technical trades

Workers: What you need to know.

How hiring for this project works:

  • When the contractor needs a worker they put in a request/requisition directly to the union that oversees that trade.
  • The union is responsible for determining/selecting the best skilled person for the job.
    • Local workers (located within 90km) will be given priority
    • The contractor retains a “name call option”: they can request a specific union member
  • The union will dispatch someone directly to the job.

First Nations Workers

SNC-Lavalin is building relationships with First Nations and has established protocols with individual administrations for connecting workers with opportunities on the sites. If you are a member of a First Nation, contact your band office for more information about possible employment.
Also, the North Vancouver Island Aboriginal Training Society is providing support connecting First Nations workers to project opportunities. See contact information below.

Subcontractors and Suppliers.

John Hart subcontractor work will slowly grow from summer 2014 over the lifespan of the five-year construction period. The opportunity to meet with the John Hart contractor was at the March 2014 event, and from that, InPower BC and their main subcontractors updated their databases for upcoming subcontracts on the John Hart project. They will use that database to obtain a few quotes for larger subcontracts, to sole sourcing smaller work packages.

North Island Hospitals Project

We periodically get “Trade Tender Matrix” information from Graham Construction for this project. This pdf contains a list of all the trade packages for each hospital with the status of each package and if awarded who to and their contact information. This is a very valuable source for those looking to sub contract or hire out.

The latest matrix was distributed onOct 12 2016 and can be found here : Trade Tender Matrix – Comox Valley Hospital and Trade Tender Matrix – Campbell River Hospital